Monday, March 21, 2011


Galing ang blog na ito sa Friendster account ko,, sinulat ko (Monday, February 11th, 2008)
For girls and guys with status IN A RELATIONSHIP.

What a girl needs most is love. What a guy needs
most is respect. The most important thing for a girl
is her heart. For a guy its his ego.
Give your man his own time and space. Let him
have his time for his friends, sports, family, self,
and God. The relationship will grow old quickly if
lagi kayong magkasama . Give him time to miss
you and you’ll see how he will love you more. If the
guy naman is obsessed and just wants to be with
you all the time, tell him you cant respect
a "puppy" for long.
Do things differently anytime. Para kahit matagal
na kayo, there is always something fresh and new.
Variety is the spice of life. Exciting baga?
Discover something you both like to do and enjoy
it TWOgether. Doon naman sa mga bagay na
magkaiba ang hilig nyo, compliment each other by
learning about it kahit konti. If you love someone,
yung effort nyo to try will go a looooong way to
understanding him later pag may disagreement
Pray with holding hands. Sounds corny noh?
Maybe, but its very powerful. Pag may takot sa
Diyos ang boyfriend mo, kampante ka na di ka nya
lolokohin, because he knows God sees everything
he does in secret. Ikaw na ang magkusa that
before you part after a date, with hold hands and
eyes closed, pray to God to bless you two. Believe
me it’s effective.
Kailanman, di corny ang magdasal.
Believe in "Magic" Kahit di minsan practical o
walang logical na dahilan, o matrabaho, o sounds
crazy sa iba, do sweet little things for the one you
love kahit magmukha ka ng timang. The memories
will be fun to recall later in life. The corniest song
o gift o letter ang laging kabog!
True love brings out the best in each other. Find
something good in your boyfriend and nurture it,
encourage it and syempre, ENJOY it.
It’s healthy to fight Doon nyo lang maaayos ang
mga differences nyo at natetest ang tatag ng
relationship. Doon mo rin sya makikilala ng
mabuti. Its called test of fire. Di mahalaga how
dalas you fight. What matters is how often you
make bati.
Mas nakakatakot yung relasyong sobrang perfect
at laging masaya. One big fight and that’s it! And
diba mas kilig yung malambing na… "uy, bati na
But don’t overdo it. Kakapagod naman din na lagi
na lang manuyo o magsori . Choose the battles na
papatulan mo. The little issues, palampasin na.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Daraan sa iba’t-ibang stages ang love especially
pag matagal na kayo. Grow with it. Don’t expect
him to be like nung una. ‘Coz like a student, di na
ituturo sa grade 6 yung lessons na pang-grade 2.
Change WILL happen… you both will change and
your love WILL change too. It’s up to you na lang if
the change will be for the better or for the worse.
Life is about growth. Grow with it.
When break up comes and it’s time to say
goodbye, don’t doubt the love just because it didn’t
last. May mga bagay sa buhay na di man
nagtatagal, it doesn’t mean di na ito totoo. Some
good things are just never meant to last forever.
Okay lang yon. Bless the parting and move on. 
Expect tears, sorrow, sleepless nights and pain.
Ika nga "it’s when you hurt the worse that you love
the MOST." Kung di ka willing masaktan, wag ka
na lang magmahal.
Life is a balance. And love is both holding on and
letting go. Know when to fight for your man and
when to let him go. God will guide you kung anong
dapat gawin sa kung anong sitwasyon. So dapat
mataas ang signal ng langit sa cellfone ng puso
mo to know His wisdom.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



One has to always put the end in mind. But that is not the only
significant part of the journey. Keep in mind that when we start any journey, it is always the destination we look at.
But once we reach the destination,it's the journey that we will always remember. We should not be too blinded with the destination that we forget to enjoy the trip going there.
Just like in a relationship, you just don't think that you should
enter into a relationship because you will already marry the person.
You enter into a relationship to get to know the person better and discern if she indeed could be that person walking down the aisle with you.
You have to spend some time with her and find out if the two of you are compatible and could hit it off. You won't know this by not giving the girl a chance. You would not know all these things just by the looks of the girl or your first impression of her. Once you are in that
relationship, that's the best chance to build on what the two of you already have.
Don't break up with someone just because you don't see yourself with the other person for the rest of your life. Don't jeopardize a possibly wonderful relationship. How would you know that the other person is the right one if you don't give her/him a chance to prove her worth?
How would you know that she/he could be the one if you prematurely cut off the relationship because at the moment you don't see yourself sharing the future with her/him? How would you know this if you don't give her/him the chance? And I tell you that it will take you a long time (or possibly never) to find another girl/guy like her/him. Remember that its not everyday that you meet someone who has the magic to let you fall in love!!!
It might be possible that you would still remain as friends. But being "together" opens a lot of possibilities and opportunities that friends do not get. Even if you remain as friends, you would not be as close as before. The intensity and the same feeling is no longer there.
The relationship will no longer be on the same level. We can't predict the future, we just need to hope and to pray for the best and for what is right and believe that's how it will be.
In the movie "
Can't Hardly Wait", there was a line in that movie that goes something like this: "Fate takes you just as far. Destiny is when everything falls right into place and its just up to you to make it happen."
Destiny is a mixture of chance and of choice. Its not a thing to be waited. You must make it happen. Don't you feel that everything has already fallen right into place and its up to you to make it happen?

Everything is just so right and how would the both of you know if this indeed is fate or "the plan" if you would not give it a try. The only way for you to know is to at least give the relationship a chance and find out for yourselves. Don't miss this chance of finding it out because of some unfounded fears.

At least if you give it a try, you can say that you did your best and you found out for yourselves. Not just based on some fear and apprehension that are just part of the countless possibilities that might happen.

If it doesn't work, at least, after many years you would know if the both of you really were meant for each other rather than regret and bear the thought of all the things that might have been? At least you would clear all the "what ifs" and the "only ifs" in the future. It will give the both of you peace of mind.

Would you find it too much of a coincidence that the both of you hit it off so wonderfully. It seemed that you've known each other for so long already though you have not known each other for that long. It seemed that you knew each other from another life. And each of you enjoyed every bit of it. You were like soulmates who finally found each other after a very long separation. You had everything going so well.

Everyhting happened as if everything just fell right in place. Would you consider it fate? It's up to you to make it happen. What do you think?

You might say "This is something serious and that I might be making a big mistake and that I would just like to play it cool. No room for ambiguity here. Better, safe than sorry!" Better safe than sorry?!

To be honest, in this world we live in, there is not a full proof plan that exist. If you always bear this idea in mind, I don't know if you would eventually find someone. You might just be too scared of the bad things that you would end up missing all the good stuff!

The best that you can do is give the relationship a chance. You can never succeed without even trying. You should always hope for the best. And to hope is to risk pain...or satisfaction. To try is to risk failure but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. To risk nothing is to risk even more. You might be taking the risk of losing the one true thing that really matters to you.

Guarantee that you will be second to none. You would not completely know if she/he may already be the one if you don't give it a try. And it will be more painful to lose someone you love and who loves you more just because you are waiting for the right time. How will you ever know if this is already the right thing at the right time? What if the time is now? Whenwill you really know when the right time is? You cannot love a person too soon for you would never know how soon it will be too late.

The greatest injustice love can ever offer is you not loving at the very right time only to find out later that it was the right person.

You've got so much going on right now. You have a lot of things in common. Imagine what you can share for tomorrow. You still have a lot of things ahead of you. Learn about each other together. You come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an
mperfect person perfectly. And besides, nobody is perfect.
When you truly love someone you don't look for faults. You don't look for answers. You don't look for mistakes. Instead you fight for the mistakes, you accept the faults and you overlook excuses. If you truly love someone, you just don't bail out on the other person because there is something wrong with her. You'll know that it's true love you are having if you are still willing to love that person despite of his or her flaws or infirmities.

The reason you met each other may be of destiny. But if destiny will suggest that you'll live without her, then why live not by destiny but of free will?